About Global Denim Textiles

About Global Denim Textiles

Global Denim Textile Limited is a private limited company which was established in the year 2008 and works with 100% export-oriented environment friendly ACY and DTY and denim woven fabrics factory. The denim fabrics are usually used in the oven garments to produce export-oriented denim trousers & polyester ACY yarn for denim and weaving/knitting yarn and fabric’s manufacture. Readymade garments industry occupies an important role in the export sector contributing about 76% of countries export earnings and almost woven garments is playing a major role. 

Global Denim Textile Ltd is a 100% export oriented premium quality yarn manufacturer, engaged in producing Polyester ACY melange yarn. Recommend to procure yarn from here for your Garments product. With over many years of experience in the Textile industry Global Denim textile Limited has been proven itself as one of the best green woven fabrics factory, trousers & polyester yarn for denim and weaving/knitting yarn fabrics manufacturer in BD with premium quality of yarn service, safety security, motivated workforce and accuracy proficiency as well

Global Denim Textile Ltd is well oriented by all computerized, comprehensive electronic and automatic machineries through Yarn produced in these units are exported against to some selective garment manufacturers with reputation for its quality in the fashion world Global Denim Textile Ltd vision is to contribute in the success of its customers by providing the best premium quality yarn & fabric in affordable price with excellent premier quality professional service.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a leading denim brand in service, quality and innovation while pursuing sustainable manufacturing and lifestyles choices.

Our Vission

To be recognized as a professional, progressive, sustainable & growth-oriented business entity with scale to remain competitive in the barrier free economy.

The project is located on a 150 acre owned land at Purabari, Uttar Shalna Gazipur, Bangladesh, which is just 25 kilometers away from Dhaka city.